IAAF – International Association of Athletics Federation

The end of periodisation of trainig top class sport

(2015) ACTN3 R577X gene variants influence sprint performance

(2015) Electrical Muscle Stimulation as an effective recovery modality

(2014) The physiology of performance

(2014) A new method for non-invasiveestimation of human muscle fibre type composition in athletics

(2014) Comparing the best athletic performances of two sexes

(2013) The menstrual cycle and sport performance

(2013) Athlete development

(2013) Sorting through the motor performance abilities maze

(2010) Platelet rich plasma in athletics

(2010) Asthma and exercise induced bronchospasm

(2010) Is success at the IAAF World junior championship a prerequisite for success

(2009) Dietary intake and anthropometry

(2009) The fallacy of VO2max

(2008) Children and youths in athletics

(2008) Current problems in the development of young athletes

(2007) The physical basis of scoring athletic performance

(2006) From talent to elite athlete

(2005) Weightlifting in training part 1

(2005) Abuse of androgenic-anabolic steroids

(2005) New trends in gene doping

(2005) Weightlifting in training part 2

(2004) Microstretching-a-new-recovery-regeneration technique

(2004) Individual approach to women’s training in speed and power event

(2001) Annual training programmes

(2000) The outer Unit

(2000) The physical work capacity of female athlete

(1999) Guidance and Advice in the use and methodology of altitude training

(1999) Doping – New developments and problematic areas

(1999) The use of vibratlons for enhancing

(1999) The inner unit

(1999) Endurance performers and iron deficiency

(1999) Athletes’ travel management

(1998) Characteristics ofthe specialised nutrition

(1998)What do athletes learn when they learn a motor skill

(1998) Organization of the training process

(1998) Main featires o f a modern scientific sport training theory

(1998) Principles of the multi yeartraining process

(1998) Mental preparation

(1998) The use of Swiss Balls in athletic training

(1998) Nutritional supplements

(1998) Comparison of weight training methods

(1998) A comparative analysis of the preparation process of men and women athletes

(1997) General and event specific considerations in peaking for the main competition

(1996) Quickness and velocity in sport movements

(1996) MVC induced short-term potentation of explosive force

(1995) An examination of the benefits of warm up

(1995) Sport orthopaedics in athletics

(1993) How heat stress influences athletics

(1992) The development of strength and power

(1992) Variable practice, a strategy for the optimizazion of skill learning in youth athletics

(1992) Winners are made, not born

(1992) The coach and sport medicine

(1992) NSA round table

(1989) Sport Psychology in athletics

(1989) Mood profiles of masters track and field athletes

(1989) Long term aspects of acquiring technical skills in athletics

(1989) Models for teaching techniques and assessing movements in athletics

(1987) Energy nutrients and their metabolism

(1987) The R in training

(1987) Quality of preparation and performance

(1987) How vitamins affect performance

(1987) The control of performance

(1987) The application of therapeutic modalities within the framework of regeneration


(2014) Motion estimation using inertial sensor tecnology

(2014) Force plate use in performance monitoring and sport science testing

(2014) Technology in athletics


(2015) Recovery and Regeneration

(2014) Blow up during warm-up

(2014) Final preparations for peak competitions


(2015) Recovery and Adaptation

(2015) A new understanding of stress

(2015) Electrical muscle stimulation as an effective recovery modality

(2015) NSA roundtable


(2015) Injury prevention in athletics

(2014) Training and injury profiles of international race walkers

(2014) Exercise protocol and electrical muscle stimolation

(2014) Identifying opportunities for enhanched hamstring health

(2013) Epidemiology of track and field injuries

(2011) The critical role of core strenght and balance in preventing spinal injuries

(2009) Therapeutic concept and relapse prophylaxis for Achilles tendon problems

(2009) Rehabilitation of sport injuries

(2009) The return to training and competition after Achilles tendon injuries

(2006) Occurrence of right vs

(2005) Prevention and management of respiratory tract infections in athletes

(2001) Hamstring injuries in sprinting

(1999) Evolution of injuries in athletics

(1995) NSA round table

(1992)Evaluation of performance following Achilles tendon surgery in competitive runners

(1990) Specific training for sprint hurdlers with long term injuries


(2015) Physiology and performance in masters athletics

(2015) Screening for cardiovascular risk in masters athlete

(2015) Endurance exercise performance in master runners




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