Agreement Shares Transfer

PandaTip: Sometimes pay a fee for the transfer of shares and the issuance of new shares, it is probably less than 50 USD, but you can first check. If you want these costs to be borne by the transferor or shared between the two parties, you can change the clause above. 5.14 This share transfer contract can be executed either as an original or in addition to a pendant. 8.1 This transfer of shares is under the exclusive jurisdiction of the laws of [STATE AND COUNTRY]. While Party B agrees to accept 100% of Lake Communication`s Part A shares. After the friendly compromised by both parties with the principle of fairness, both parties had agreed on the following terms in the transfer of 100% shares of Lake Communication from Part A: If the value is greater than $1,000, you are obliged to pay the stamp duty of 0.5%, rounded to the next 5 dollars are stamped on each document. This means that if the value of the transfer is $1,990, your stamp duty is $1,785 x 0.5% – $8.92. Rounded means that in this case you will have to pay 10 euros. 3. COST OF TRANSFER It is agreed that the registration fee for the transfer of the shares (if any) will be borne by the purchaser. THE CÉDANT wishes to transfer the shares to the purchaser on the terms set out in this share transfer agreement. In general, most private companies require the board of directors to approve any transfer of shares.

Provided consent is given, shareholders are generally free to manage their shares at their own stop. So, while you were just doing business with your friend Joe, Joe could sell his shares to his friend Lisa, and if you don`t control the board, there`s little you can do to stop him. 5.3 The assignor guarantees that there are no fees or other obligations on shares in shares or unregistered shares and that they are completely free of charges (with the exception of a capital payment obligation in the event of partially paid shares). 2. TRANSFERT PRICE It is agreed that the shares will be transferred at the price of [PRICE]. When the documents are received, the company must cancel the old share certificate and update its shareholder register. A new certificate of transmission will then be issued to the purchaser within two months of the date of the transfer. A share issue becomes mandatory for a new shareholder only when the company informs them of this certificate of shares. 1.3 The transfer takes effect with the execution of this share transfer contract and the payment of the amount covered in point 2.

5.5 Each contracting party heressover states that it is not aware of any issues under its control that could have a negative or adverse effect on the performance of its obligations under this share transfer agreement. The assignor is the registered holder of these shares or shares pursuant to Schedule A (the “shares”).

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