Tenancy Agreement Hk

With regard to non-national real estate leases, Article 126 of the Landlords and Tenants Regulation (Consolidation Decree) provides that in the absence of an explicit rent payment contract and the condition of forfeiture in each tenancy agreement, there is talk of an agreement to pay rent on the due date and a condition of non-payment within 15 days of that date. Under the 2004 landlord and tenant regulation, you and your landlord can decide whether you wish to renew a lease agreement created on July 9, 2004 or after July 9, 2004, unless there is the possibility of renewing the clause of your existing lease or any other written agreement that respects your right to extend the lease. A rental document is usually executed in counter-parts, both transferred to the Stamp Office of the Inland Revenue Department within 30 days of the execution date. The rating and evaluation department is responsible for the management of the landlord and tenant ordinance (cap.7 of Hong Kong laws). For rental properties, it also provides services such as approving the notification of a new tenancy or renewal agreement, issuing a treatable value certificate and determining the primary use of a property (i.e., whether it is used as a resident or non-resident). Rental advisors in the rating and evaluation department also respond to public requests for rental issues via a telephone line at 21508229. A tenancy agreement should define what you and your tenant have agreed as your respective rights and obligations. However, certain rights and obligations are implied in a lease agreement, unless there are provisions to the contrary in the lease. One of your obligations involves, for example, that your tenant can enjoy the property and the conditions of the property during the apartment.

Answer 6: A rental document generally states that the tenant must pay a deposit to ensure the execution and compliance of the tenant`s agreements under the tenancy document, for example. B to pay rent, keep the property in good condition, carry out repairs and comply with the corresponding laws. The agreement to pay the rent is just one of many alliances made by the tenant. In most cases, the landlord will not know if the tenant has respected and respected such alliances until the property is reclaimed. The landlord and tenant`s settlement (consolidation decree) stipulates that if your tenancy agreement implies the terms of payment of rent and forfeiture if you do not pay the rent, your rent implies an obligation to pay the rent on the due date and the forfeiture for non-payment within 15 days of that date. It should also be noted that a licence does not confer interest on the land, as it is not subject to stamp duty. However, it would be unnecessary to label a document as a license for the sole purpose of avoiding stamp duty. Whether a document creates a lease or licence does not depend on the name of the document or any other label indicated by the parties, but on the actual nature of the rights and obligations, as the agreement demonstrates. An important factor in distinguishing between a rental agreement and a license is whether the user has the property exclusively.

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