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This document is normally available on the VCCFA website: Currently, the website is in full swing and the document is expected to be restarted in early 2021. Negotiations for a renewed 2019-2022 collective agreement have recently been concluded and the new document is under review. It is expected to be available on the website early 2021. Too many associated faculties missed the Institute`s day in January, so it`s an opportunity to get Flex and learn more about the associated issues that affect so many of us across the state. This conference offers our employees up to 6.5 hours of sliding or, if they prefer, a $150.00 scholarship for all-day participation. There is also a free lunch, as the conference starts at 9 .m. Coffee, tea and other beverages as well as breakfast items are available when participants arrive at registration. This year`s workshops include How to Treat Difficult People, The Role of Faculty Association in Campus Committees, AB 897 Legislation, The Imposter Syndrome, Are grades failing our students? Also as a meeting on canvas technology issues.

Only a few of the dozens of workshops are presented. This conference is provided by Professional Development and is available for faculty associated with full-time faculty able to participate in flex credit. A special thank you goes to our Union PFA for the sponsorship of our guest speaker. Cosco, Frank and Jack Longmate. “An instructive model on how to do more justice and equality: the Vancouver College model.” In Kezar, Adrianna, ed. Embracing Non-Tenure Track Faculty: Changing Campuses for the New Faculty Majority. Routledge, New York 2012. An open letter to the VCC Community re Proposed ABE Cuts – October 2019 Next month, April 4, 2020 Butte College will host the 10th annual faculty conference. This year`s theme is “Recognition and Confirmation of the Value of the Associated Faculty.” The year 2000 is Dr. Leticia Pastrana. Dr. Pastrana will talk about the faculty concerns she has learned about during classes on different campuses and travel between many campuses.

This is the budget consultation season again. To receive contributions to BC`s Select Standing Committee on Finance, please access this link. The deadline for all contributions is Monday, October 15, 2018 at 5:00 p.m.m elements of the VCC-VCCFA collective agreement that support fairness for Term Faculty – November 2020 Any concerns, problems, or do you just want to know more about your rights as a faculty member of the Vancouver Community? The VCCFA is here to help and support you! This post came into my inbox today. This may be “old news” for Ontario colleagues, but I would be interested to know whether this new funding for improved labour market development agreements, expanded criteria for EI training, a new Workforce Development Act and free adult education courses will only benefit Ontario or whether bc adults will benefit as well. I would be happy to hear a comment from our colleagues in Ontario or anyone who may be aware of this announcement. VCCFA has been a collective bargaining partner for all members of the Vancouver Community College faculty for more than 60 years. We are committed to promoting and maintaining good working conditions for all faculties. Another area that we must not forget is child care. Although I no longer rely on child care, I personally promised that I would continue to work for universal child care until it is achieved. It is also closely linked to the education and access of parents to adult primary education. Above all, it is an integral part of a rigorous anti-poverty strategy.

Find out how seniority is calculated and check your right. Good news: The Vancouver University College Faculty Association (VCCFA) received the news on October 7 that the cuts p

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