Commission Agreement Hawaii

It is not the company`s practice to maintain the buyer`s deposits on broken trust services. In cases where a count is cancelled by a buyer, our corporate policy is to return the acomptt to the customer. However, if the deposit is retained by the company, the money received is distributed with the partner on the basis of the employee`s current commission distribution. We use the hawaii list contract that all agents use, the only difference is that we see a commission of $3500 instead of 2.5% to 3%. The Hawaii Real Estate Agent Listing Agreement is a contract that states that a broker has agreed to work for a real estate owner to sell their commercial or residential property on their behalf. The agreement is valid for a specified period, which is indicated in the contract as the date of validity and expiration. Agents are compensated for their services in the form of a commission rate (based on a percentage of the final sale price) or as a flat fee. . . .

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