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Below is a summary of the ongoing work on the negotiation of new DTAS and the updating of existing agreements: (information provided by the Irish Finance Commissioners) a new double taxation convention between Ireland and the United States was signed in 1997, replacing the existing convention in force since 1951. One of the key changes to the new agreement was the tax treatment of U.S. Social Security pensions. All recipients of a U.S. social security pension residing in Ireland are now exempt from withholding tax on these pensions in the United States. However, from 6 April 1998, all such pensions are taxable in Ireland, subject to the normal Irish exemption limits. Ireland has signed comprehensive double taxation (SAA) conventions with 74 countries; 73 are in force. The agreements cover direct taxes which exist in the case of Ireland as well as in the following countries: Ireland has comprehensive double taxation treaties with 73 countries. A contractual agreement with Ghana is awaiting ratification and contractual negotiations have been concluded with Kenya, Kosovo, Oman and Uruguay. Agreements typically include income tax, corporation tax and capital gains tax, as well as general social tax. Agreement between the Government of the Russian Federation and the Government of the Republic of Albania for the avoidance of double taxation on the basis of income and capital.

. Copies of the double taxation treaty between Ireland and the United States are available on the Revenue website – – in the form of double taxation treaties. Copies can also be purchased from Government Publications Sale Office, Sun Alliance House, Molesworth Street, Dublin 2 or from any bookseller – price Euro 10.68. .. . Date of entry into force: 1 January 1998 (Russia); 1 April/6 April 1998 (United Kingdom). . Date of entry into force: 1 January and 6 April 1996 (Ireland); 1 January 1996 (Russia). .

Date of entry into force: 1 September 2000 (South Africa); 1 January 2001 (Russia). . Almost all Irish agreements provide for a zero withholding tax on interest paid to a contractor, either unconditionally or on certain types of interest. The exceptions are contracts with Australia, Chile, Israel and Turkey, which provide for reduced but not zero rates for interest payments. Many of the Irish tax agreements will also exempt royalties paid by Irish companies from withholding tax. Ireland ratified, in the Finance Act 2018, the Multilateral Agreement on the Implementation of Measures Related to the Tax Convention to Prevent BEPS (MLI). It entered into force in Ireland on 1 May 2019. . Anyone residing in Ireland who receives a US Social Security pension should contact their local tax inspector to ensure that their income is treated correctly for tax purposes. . Date of entry into force: 1 January 2004 (Russia); 1 July 2004 (Australia). .

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