Standard Custody Agreement Pennsylvania

If the parents are not married, the child is the child of his mother. In order for the father to assert rights over the child (including custody or access), paternity must be recognized or established in court. Paternity may be established by: judicial finding of paternity; written acknowledgment of paternity of the father; Open and well-known recognition of the child as his/her own; or by marrying his mother, and then recognizing himself as a father in writing or orally. In order for a father to be able to take legal action to establish paternity by a judicial finding, he would have to bring an action for “filiation”; However, this is not necessary to apply for custody if one of the other three methods has demonstrated paternity. Once paternity is established, no party is favored by gender alone. Dom Rel forms do not cover paternity actions. If you want to establish paternity, contact a lawyer. Back to the top of the page Also, the plan should show the alternative method of dispute resolution that you use to resolve disagreements with the other parent. It must also be physical and legal custody. When should you have a lawyer? If you have a very volatile, hostile or controversial custody problem, consult a lawyer to represent you. If the other parent uses the services of a lawyer, it is also advisable that you also have a lawyer. The Court of Appeal held that self-representation was not a good excuse not to respond to a request from an opposing party`s lawyer. Back to top Of the page Indicate that the parent who receives must pick up the children.

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