Uw Tacoma Direct Transfer Agreement

*In calculating eligible transfer credits and your transfer AMP, the university completes a course by evaluating the courses of all transcribed course work. After enrollment at the UW, students can consider obtaining a department permit for the transfer of credits obtained through courses taken at a non-regionally accredited institution. For information on possible credits for this type of course, please contact the Office of Admissions. Students who have completed two or more years of a foreign language in high school do not receive university credit for an entry-level course (for example. B FRENCH 101) in the same language if this course is completed after enrolment at the university. Transfer students who take such a course prior to enrollment at UW are entitled to transfer credits. Washington`s public colleges and colleges and universities have adopted an inter-agency agreement on transfers. The agreement applies to the applicability of transfer credits from community colleges to bachelor`s degree institutions; the DBA is not an approval agreement. The DTA Associate Degree guidelines developed by the Intercollege Relations Commission (ICRC) outline an acceptable transfer program that serves as the basis for the DTA Associate Degrees, which is offered at any community college. Generally speaking, transfer students who have obtained a qualified DTA partner have the right to move to a bachelor`s institution with a junior stand and to have met the general education requirements of the lower department. Start with an Associate Arts Degree (DTA) with direct transfer to a bachelor`s program in psychology. The Arts Financial Statements (ATDs) consist of 90 quarterly points earned in the areas of general requirements, distribution requirements and optional subjects.

Washington State`s public colleges and colleges and universities, which are four years old, have a direct transfer agreement. This agreement allows students with an Associate of Arts (DTA) degree to transfer at least 90 quarter points (60 semester points) to four-year institutions in order to meet most or all of the educational requirements of the host institution. Associate`s Degree (or 30+ transferable college-level credits) and the transfer process was quite straighteah with the help of the consultants. You showed me the process step by step.¬†Students are also encouraged to work with their international advisor to apply and change at universities that are not on the list below. Over the years, international students at Tacoma Community College have been admitted to many top universities, from the University of Washington – Seattle to the University of California – Los Angeles and many other outstanding institutions. Students based in Washington State who have earned an authorized transfer degree from a Washington State Community College with a cumulative GPA of 2.75 are admitted to UW Tacoma. Please note that this guarantees admission to the university and not to a particular academic program or major. Students must still apply before the application deadline to be admitted. If you have any questions regarding admission to UW Bothell, please contact us so we can help you seamlessly transition to your bachelor`s degree program! The University of Washington Bothell transfers credits on a course basis….

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